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A great salesperson proactively approaches disengaged customers in critical moments

Our AI uses behavioral analysis to detect when your customers are about to abandon your website and offers them contextual and personalized shopping assistance in real-time

  • AI detection of customer drop-off from the website - seconds before it happens
  • Conversion rate lift in every step of the funnel
  • Adaptive and contextual conversation based on the customer's journey

Hey Michelle, I can see that you checked out our "everyday cropped t-shirt" but ended up not adding it to the cart. Was there something wrong?

Yeah, it's not really my style

Can I recommend you of something that I think will suit you better?

Hi Sam! Summer is here and we're offering 20% off on selected sunscreens. Would you like to choose one?

Yes please!

Great. Are you looking for SPF 15 or 35?

A professional salesperson transforms conversations into sales

Accompany every customer with a personalized, AI-powered sales assistant which will give them contextual guidance through every step of their journey and do it for you 24/7

  • Help in finding the right product
  • Guided shopping experience from homepage all the way to checkout
  • Personalized deals & recommendations

A smart salesperson listens to your customers

Unlock critical customer insights and understand why your visitors are not converting . Stop guessing and start listening.

  • Gain real customer feedback about your shop and products
  • Attend to negative customer experiences and optimize your website
  • Optimize audiences of paid campaigns. Extract segmentation based on conversations with customers to increase ROAS.

Hi Daphne, before you leave. Would you mind telling us why you didn't complete the purchase of the "Polkadot skirt"?

Yes, you didn't have my size which is XS

Thanks for letting us know. I will send you an email once we have it back in-stock

Hey there, where is my order?

Hi Dan, Your order was shipped and will arrive in 2 days. In the meantime, can I interest you in our new summer collection?

An incredible salesperson gives your customers the best care

Show your customers the best service possible through an engaging conversation

  • Contact support and integrations with CRM
  • Order tracking
  • Answering FAQs
  • Request customer feedback
  • Hand-off to live human agent when necessary

Rep's smart sales assistant can be instantly deployed on your website. Optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Easy on your end

With a fully managed service and best practice solutions for each vertical, you don't have to put much effort. Let our AI and CSM do the work for you.

Instant results

Start seeing an uplift instantly with quick integration and deployment. 3 days to launch. 7 days to see results that are measured with A/B testing.

Customized and on-brand

Tailored shopping and customer care journeys, just for your brand. Teach your sales assistant to speak your own brand language.

Empower Your Brand with Conversational AI That Converts

"Rep has earned our strongest endorsement for the quality of their work and for their customer engagement. With a huge catalog of coffees, teas, and merchandise, we needed the ability to direct customers to the right product more efficiently than simple filters could accomplish."

John HelwigMarketing Manager, Fresh Roasted Coffee

"Rep has taken on a great challenge with attempting to replace other chat bots and even live agents in some respects across eCommerce businesses. In the short time that it has been implemented on our site, we have seen conversion rate lifts at some critical junctions during a customer’s experience on site."

Zachary FrankeHead of eCommerce, Uprising Food

“As a small business, Rep has alleviated our need to monitor general customer inquiries on the site, allowing us to maximize team efficiency and the customer shopping experience while collecting data to further improve UX. Rep's chatbot solution is completely customizable to address our product offering, customer behavior, and FAQs with language that matches our brand identity. Since implementing, we've seen an increase in checkout conversion with visitors who interact with the on-site solution and continue to improve triggers and flows based on data gathered. It's a great tool for any small business looking for a simple customer service solution.”

Taylor BordeE-commerce Manager, Zavi

"Our brand, They New York, had phenomenal results when it came to in-person sales, but our online presentation was lacking. We weren't able to leverage our story the way we did in the brick-and-mortar arena. Instead of generating easy online conversions as you'd expect with an e-commerce business model, our brand had a tough time connecting to our customers at their point of highest intent. In other words, we just didn't have enough eyes on the prize. Implementing Rep's AI chatbot helped us change all that. We were able to build a bridge to our customers when it mattered most. The chatbot helped us effectively relate our story —and gain loyal customers!"

Daniel OjalvoVP E-Commerce, They New York

“With our online store we wanted to interact with clients one-on-one, we wanted to have personal relationships with our clients the same way that a brick-and-mortar store would have. Rep made it as easy as messaging a friend and we increased sales and improved the customer experience on the website"

Tal MasicaFounder, Pavoi

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