Integration with Amazon Alexa

Rep integrates with Alexa, where it hosts its voice store and reaches any user with an Alexa-powered device, including Echo devices and smartphones with the Alexa app.

Integration Overview

Integration with Alexa is completely automatic! Simply answer a few questions during the account sign-up process, and your voice shop will automatically be created as an Alexa Skill. Rep continues to manage the Skill, taking care of every step in the integration without needing you to write a single line of code. Once integrated, Rep’s AI manages the conversational dialogue, and uses Alexa to host your store so that your shoppers can access it like any other browser.

Just Tell Alexa What You Want!

Anyone with an Alexa-powered device can easily purchase items in your shop.

  • Easily order and reorder items
    Alexa, tell Petco to order more dog food
  • Browse the shop categories
    Alexa, tell MyShop to browse the shop
  • Get updated on the latest deals
    Alexa, tell FashionCo to tell me about today’s deals

Your customers just need to say what they want for a fun and convenient shopping experience that will keep them coming back!

About Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant based on AI technology by Amazon. In only a few years, Alexa spread out to every corner of the world, with over 100 million Alexa-powered devices in use. Alexa is commonly used for listening to music, getting information, and now as voice shops increase in popularity – shopping.

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