Integration with Amazon Pay

Connect Rep to your Amazon Pay account to get paid for every purchase in your voice shop.

Integration Overview

Rep integrates with Amazon Pay in order to process payments and facilitate transactions between customers’ Amazon Pay accounts and the shop owners’ accounts. Easily connect Rep to your account by filling in your Amazon Pay information in Rep’s console. Rep will create a new Alexa Skill, which you can enable in the Amazon Pay Seller Central website.

Just Tell Alexa What You Want!

Easy to Pay and Get Paid

Customers can easily use their Amazon Pay accounts to make purchases

  1. Alexa, tell MyShop to order 2 lbs. of Brazilian coffee.
  2. That will be $24 with tax and shipping included. Would you like to complete the order?
  3. Yes.
  4. Your Amazon Pay account will be charged $24, and your order will be dispatched immediately. Have a great day!

Your customers just need to say what they want for a fun and convenient shopping experience that will keep them coming back!

About Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payments processing service owned and run by Amazon, allowing users to pay with their Amazon accounts on external merchant websites. Amazon Pay can be used for services, donations, third-party sites, apps, and using Alexa.

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