Integration with Attentive

Integrate Rep with your Attentive account let your AI-powered sales assistant subscribe your customers to your SMS subscriber lists

Integration Overview

Subscribe your customers to SMS subscriber lists via a conversation. Rep connects to your Attentive lists so when customers ask you next time for a discount, your AI sales assistant can offer them one if they subscribe. The discount can be used within the same session which leads to over 25% conversion rate for that use-case

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Explore the features and capabilities available to you with Rep and Attentive:

  • Let your AI salesperson collect leads for you
  • Subscribe customers to SMS subscriber lists
  • Offer immediate discounts and see an immediate conversion

Your customers get can an instant discount when they subscribe and convert them at the same session.

About Attentive

Attentive is the most comprehensive personalized text messaging solution. 99% open rates, 30%+ click-through rates, and 25x+ ROI.

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