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An AI sales associate for your e-commerce store

Detect. Engage. Convert.

Rep’s intelligent sales-focused chatbot provides a powerfully personalized shopping assistant that delivers results at scale, 24/7

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Helping e-commerce brands grow their revenue with personalized shopping assistance

Reduce drop-off

Detect disengaged customers

Our AI automatically detects when customers are about to abandon your website and jumps in to offer real-time assistance.

  • Identify drop-offs seconds before they happen and act on them
  • Detect customer hesitations and “Dead-ends”
  • Understand customer behavior patterns
Improve customer engagement

Engage with contextual assistance

With the context of where the customers are in the sales funnel, our AI runs on autopilot and proactively approaches them offering personalized help

  • Proactively approach disengaged customers with the relevant resources
  • Personalized shopping assistance in real-time
  • Make purchasing decisions a no-brainer for buy-ready customers
  • Contextual conversations that push shoppers to checkout
Increase conversion rate

Convert with sales conversations

Persuade on-the-fence shoppers to convert, from recommending products to tackling last-minute friction points in the sales funnel.

  • Help customers find the right product for them
  • Soothe hesitations and tackle purchasing objections
  • Drive contextual conversations that push shoppers to checkout
  • Deliver personal experiences to keep customers coming back
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With Rep

Our customers see results at scale


Average ROI on monthly subscription

Over 250%

Conversion rate uplift from website traffic

More than 70%

Reduction in customer service tickets

Rep improves your customers’ journey at scale

Reduce customer support tickets

Delight customers 24/7

Our AI-powered sales associates work around the clock to create an in-store experience online – answer questions, deliver resources, and drive sales 24/7.

  • Deliver support at the exact moment a customer needs it 
  • Easily hand-off to a live human agent when necessary
  • Share valuable resources and information about orders, returns, and shipping
  • Address negative customer experiences ASAP
  • Access real customer feedback about your shop and products
Boost sales

Increase AOV with contextual offers

Serve personalized product recommendations and relevant, in-the-moment upsells to create a slick shopping process.

  • Create a guided shopping experience from start to finish
  • Highlight personalized deals and product recommendations
  • Reward your best customers with exclusive offers and discounts
  • Use the opportunity to upsell just before checkout
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Upgrade your existing capabilities

Integrate with your e-commerce stack

Connect Rep to your existing tech stack to make your AI sales associate even smarter.

  • Integrate with your helpdesk solution to enable a human hand-off for complex situations
  • Hook up your email/SMS provider so your AI can subscribe customers to your mailing lists
  • Connect review providers so your AI can give recommendations with social proof

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Conversational AI that drives conversions and customer satisfaction

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How it works


Connect your store in 1 click

Integrate Rep with your e-commerce store, and our AI will automatically convert your entire product catalog into sales conversations.


Collect customer behavioral data

Unlock valuable insights and use real-time behavioral analysis and deep segmentation to engage shoppers at all stages of the funnel.


Convert visitors into loyal customers

Proactively approach shoppers with personalized and contextual conversations that keep them coming back for more.

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