How DirectBed combined a quiz and round-the-clock customer service to sell high-ticket items

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Give shoppers the confidence to purchase big-ticket items without trying them out first.


Combining a mattress quiz and automated customer service to serve highly personalized product recommendations at scale.


Round-the-clock recommendations geared towards each customer's unique wants and needs, plus an increase in revenue and AOV.

DirectBed by the Numbers

15 %
Conversion Rate Lift
10 %
AOV Lift


DirectBed describes itself as the most unique mattress shop in Hamilton, Canada, selling brand-name mattresses as well as its own designs at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Since going online, DirectBed has offered a “try before you buy” deal, but it’s struggled to get shoppers to commit to buying something as subjective as a mattress without seeing it in person.

Founder Gerian Sloetjes opened the brick-and-mortar store in 2013 after working in the mattress industry for a number of years. His mission is to build a business based on integrity, honesty, and good customer relationships that goes beyond simply “selling mattresses”. 

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment. Get it wrong and it could mean sleepless nights and aching limbs–it’s a big decision. While DirectBed was confident in the quality of its mattresses, it struggled to convince customers to buy a mattress online without trying it out first. The brand did everything it could to tackle objections: there was an on-site quiz that led shoppers to their perfect mattress, but Gerian was keen to add a human touch and simultaneously make the process scalable. This seemed like an impossible conundrum when shoppers have wildly different tastes and needs. 

DirectBed had used a live chat solution solely for customer service in the past, but the tool wasn’t ideal for scaling. When the brand came to Rep, it was on the hunt for a solution that would personalize the online mattress buying experience at scale.

Empower your customers with conversational AI that converts


DirectBed kept the quiz functionality but repackaged it in a conversational way with an AI sales associate. When shoppers land on the site, they’re now greeted by the Personal Mattress Selector which hand-holds them through the buying process by asking about firmness level, size, and budget. 

Customers are now able to enjoy the brand’s 100-day “try before you buy” deal with absolute confidence, knowing the mattress they have chosen has been specially selected based on their unique wants and needs. Rep has brought together customer service and an online sales associate which is scalable 24/7 (it’s even available in the dead of night when shoppers are most likely to decide they need a new mattress).


Gerian’s vision for a company fueled by excellent customer service has been brought to life through an automated chatbot. 

Rep works round-the-clock to serve shoppers personalized mattress recommendations and ease their worries about making such a huge purchase online. DirectBed’s human customer support agents are no longer tackling top-of-the-funnel questions and can instead focus their efforts on creating an excellent experience for existing customers. The combination of a mattress quiz and customer-inspired recommendations has increased the trust for high-value purchases at scale and increased DirectBed’s conversion rates by 15% and AOV by 10%.