Dramatically grow revenue with our advanced AI sales associate

Win back shoppers with contextual content and a hyper-personalized shopping experience – automated for your convenience.

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Our advanced conversational AI solution for e-commerce is so intuitive that anyone can use it.

Powerful shopping experiences around the clock

Personalize conversations with dynamic segmentation

Use granular customer data to inform customer conversations. Treat every shopper as an individual by giving them all the information they need at just the right time.

Detect disengaged customers – and win them back

Our all-knowing Drop-off Detection Engine automatically detects shoppers who are moments away from leaving your site and serves them relevant recommendations and contextual help.

Provide contextual shopping assistance

Interact with shoppers in a hyper-personalized way and offer customers the help they need based on their previous on-site behavior and buying habits.

Optimize your site for all devices

Our cross-platform AI assistant is optimized to drive sales from both desktop and mobile users – in fact, our tool is incredibly mobile-friendly with jaw-dropping stats.

Save costs on answering common questions

Create built-in FAQs to tackle last-minute objections

Our AI assistant is on-hand to answer any questions shoppers might have, whether it’s details about their order, information about product attributes, or an inquiry about your shipping policy.

Save costs on answering common questions

Serve automated responses to frequently asked questions so they no longer encroach on the time and costs of your real-person agents. Shoppers also get the information they need straight away.

Handoff to a human agent quickly and easily

Some situations call for a real-life agent. If the AI solution can’t provide an adequate answer to a customer question, it will seamlessly hand it off to a human agent who will continue the conversation.

Keep customers updated with their orders

No one likes to be left in the dark after they’ve placed an order. Our AI-powered sales associate can give your customers in-the-moment updates about the status of their order.

Integrate with leading CRMs for seamless customer management

Our AI solution integrates with the most popular CRM platforms and logs customer conversations against relevant support tickets.

Enhance the shopping experience with personalized and hyper-contextual conversational AI

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Effortlessly on-brand experiences for every customer

Get set up and started in a matter of minutes

Our AI associate seamlessly integrates with your online store – no coding required. Hit the ground running whatever ecommerce platform you’re using.

Create a fully-branded interface

Customize the shopping experience and design your on-brand sales associate. Use your own brand colors, fonts, and imagery to provide a consistent and memorable experience.

Customize conversations with our simple flow editor

Input common questions and brand-relevant content to make our sales associate your own. Engage customers and gain full control of your AI sales rep’s behavior to ensure shoppers have a delightful experience every single time.

Integrate with your favorite third-party apps

Make your AI-powered sales associate smarter with clever integrations and a customized tech stack. Add reviews, SMS, and email marketing capabilities with just one click.

Transparency and a full understanding of your customers

Get unfiltered insights into customer behavior

Understand why shoppers aren’t buying your products through real conversations. Collect and use feedback to optimize your marketing campaigns, product offerings, and online store.

Discover and answer common customer questions

Unlock insights into your customers’ commonly asked questions and quickly create fresh answers if they don’t already exist.

Dive into any session and view conversations

Explore how customers engage and interact with your sales associate to better understand their unique wants and needs. Use this information to create personalized experiences moving forward.

Run A/B tests to increase sales and conversions

Rep makes it easy to A/B test new conversations and measure them against your chosen KPIs. See how your store behaves with and without our AI solution to measure the ROI.

Empower your customers with conversational AI that converts

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