Let Rep deflect more than 70% of your support tickets

Our AI-powered customer service rep will answer most of your customer support inquiries for you, so your human representative can focus on the really significant issues.

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The most intuitive conversational AI solution for ecommerce brands

Create engaging customer interactions every single time

Answer common customer questions

Give shoppers the information they need, when they need it. Rep’s AI solution can answer popular ecommerce questions about return policies, shipping, and orders.

Populate your bot with brand-specific questions

Dramatically reduce the cost of hiring real-person agents by discovering the most common questions your customers have and automating the answers with Rep.

Hand off to a human agent

If your automated customer service rep can’t provide a sufficient answer, it will seamlessly hand over to a human agent to continue the conversation.

Give existing customers timely updates with our WISMO

Keep shoppers sweet with real-time updates on their orders. Let them know when their items have been dispatched and when they’re due to be delivered.

Integrations with leading helpdesk platforms

Streamline your tech stack. Rep seamlessly integrates with most helpdesks so you can log conversations and manage support tickets all in one place.

Enhance the customer experience with hyper-contextual and personalized conversational AI

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Customized, on-brand experiences for every customer

Get set up and started in minutes

Rep is easy to integrate with leading ecommerce platforms–no need to give your tech stack a complete makeover and no coding knowledge required.

Fully brand your customer service interface

Bring your customer service rep to life with your own colors, fonts, and copy to create an effortlessly branded experience.

Create customized conversations

Engage customers with fully-customized conversations based on their behavior and past purchases. Most importantly, gain full control of your customer service rep.

Enrich the experience with third-party apps

Feed your AI service rep with powerful third-party integrations. Connect it to your CRM, data platforms, and email marketing tools with just one click.

Cement brand loyalty with deeper customer insights

Learn from real-life customer feedback

Dig into behavioral analysis and shopping insights to learn why your customers aren’t buying from you. Use real conversations to level up your marketing campaigns and product offerings.

Reduce customer frustration with FAQs

Identify the most pressing challenges shoppers face and create automated answers to plug any gaps in the customer journey.

Explore individual customer interactions

Dive into any Rep session to get a top-level view of customer conversations. Drill down further to see how each unique shopper interacts with your sales associate.

Test your success

Effortlessly A/B test new conversations and measure your most important KPIs. See how your store is impacted by Rep’s solution to track and improve ROI.

Empower your customers with conversational AI that converts

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