An AI sales associate that will grow the revenue on your website by over 18%

Our AI-powered sales associate will detect when disengaged customers are about to drop off from the funnel, offer them contextual and hyper-personalized shopping assistance.

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The most advanced conversational AI solution for e-commerce, built to be so intuitive that anyone can use it. See it for yourself.

The best shopping experience for your customers

Personalized conversation based on segmentation

Interact with your customers with a personalized conversation based on who they are. Improve your customers' shopping experience and increase conversion rate.

Use AI (not exit intent) to detect disengaged customers

Rep's AI Drop-off Detection Engine automatically detects disengaged customers, moments before they are about to drop off from the sales funnel and immediately offers personalized and contextual help.

Contextual shopping assistance based on customer behavioral analysis

Interact with your customers with a hyper-contextual conversation to every step of the funnel. Offer your customers the help they need, based on customer behavioral analysis.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile

Rep's cross-platform assistant is a perfect fit for your e-commerce website and is optimized to drive sales for both desktop and mobile web experiences. The uplift is even higher on mobile!

Give your customers the best care

Built-in FAQ’s for e-commerce

Rep’s AI solution is suited to answer any e-commerce customer service-related question such as return policy, shipping policy, and more.

Easily add answers to common questions

Automate the frequent questions that your customers ask and therefore decrease the costs of hiring a human agent. Give them the answer they need straight away.

Handoff to a human agent if needed

If your AI-powered sales associate was unable to provide a good answer, it will seamlessly hand it off to a human agent to continue the conversation.

Where is my order

Your AI-powered sales associate can give your customers updates regarding the status of their order

Integrations with leading CRMs

Our solution integrates with most CRM platforms to log any conversation and open relevant customer support tickets.

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with hyper-contextual and personalized conversational AI

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Easy to implement and control every element

Code-free & seamless integration with your online store

Get up and running with your virtual sales associate in no time. Rep provides simple and easy integration with the leading e-commerce platforms.

A fully branded interface

Fully customize the customer experience and make it on-brand! Use your brand colors, tone, and more to create a seamless branded experience.

Customized conversations with the flow editor

Create customized sales and customer support conversations to engage with your customers and gain full control of the behavior of your sales rep

Integrations with 3rd party apps to enrich the AI-powered sales associate

Make your AI-powered sales associate even smarter with every integration you add. Add reviews, SMS, and email marketing capabilities with 1 click.

Get full transparency and understand your customers

Behavioral analysis & shopping related insights

Understand why your customers are not buying from you through a real conversation. Optimize marketing campaigns, product offerings and more, based on real customer feedback and behavioral analysis.

Understand and attend to customers questions

View the top customer questions and easily create an answer if one doesn’t exist already.

Dive into any session and view conversations

Explore any customer engagement and drill down to see how customers interacted with your sales associate.

A/B test your success

Easily A/B test new conversations and measure KPIs. See how your store is behaving with and without Rep's solution to see your success and measure ROI.

Empower your customers with conversational AI that converts

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